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Estate and Trust Tax Returns

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So, you have been appointed as Executor or Trustee by a loved one or a friend.  The confidence and trustworthiness they had in naming you to this position should serve to remind you of the respect they held for you.

Estate and trust income tax returns are a specialty of our firm.  We have decades of experience in handling some of the toughest challenges facing estates and trusts.

Did you know estates and trusts have their own set of special tax rules?  Estates and trusts are both taxable and flow-through entities.  Proper tax planning and astute tax return preparation could result in significant tax savings for the heirs of your loved one or friend.

We can unravel the confusing jargon unique to estates and trusts and the tax returns for which you, as Executor or Trustee, are responsible.  Let us help you serve your position well.

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